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If you need both Shattered Scholar and Unsolved Mysteries Triumphs, buy Unsolved Mysteries and we will complete both Triumphs.

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Realmwalker Seal Triumphs
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  • 1320+ Power Level
  • Must own Season of the Lost
  • Shattered Scholar and Unsolved Mysteries triumph: Must have Wayfarer's Compass Upgrades: Barrier Breach, True Sight, Ascendant Sight and Frequency Echoes unlocked to collect all Chests/caches in the Shattered Realm
  • Legendary ascendant Explorer and Legendary Alignment Triumph: Must have the Legend Version unlocked

  • Shattered Scholar: Retrieve all data caches inside of the Shattered Realm 
  • Scattered by Storms: Collect each Atlas Skew.
  • Unsolved Mysteries: Collect all mysteries inside each shatered Realm.
  • Legendary Ascendant Explorer: Complete each shattered realm on Legend difficulty. 
  • Legendary Alignment: Complete the Legend Version of the Astral Alignment.
    We will find the amount of selected Ghosts.

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