Astral Alignment

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Must have Parallax Trajectory.
Select the amount to complete.

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Season 15 / 6 Player Activity
Average wait for this activity is 1-2 Hours



  • 1250+ Power Level (Normal)
  • 1320+ Power Level (Legend)
  • Must own Season of The Lost
  • Must have unlocked the Astral Alignment playlist


  • Completions Farm
    We complete the amount of Astral Alignments selected.
    We will only open the extra chest if selected.
  • Weekly Powerful
    Completes the 3 Astral Alignments for the Weekly Powerful Challenge. Must have enough Parallax Trajectory to open 3 trove chests. 

Parallax Trajectory is used to open Trove chests at the end of Astral Alignment completions. These chests grant additional rewards.


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