Flamekeeper Seal / Event Challenges

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Event Triumph Seal
Average wait for this activity is 3-5 Hours 
Select the desired triumphs for us to complete

  • 1550+ Power Level
Triumphs are only available to complete during the Solstice event 
  • Full Seal
    We complete event challenges to obtain the (purple) title.
  • Full Seal+Guild
    We complete all event challenges to obtain the normal and (gold) title.
  • Event Challenges
    We complete the selected triumphs in full. 
  • Silver Ash Farm
    We acquire the selected amount of Silver Ash 
  • Silver Leaves Farm
    We acquire the selected amount of Silver Leaves. 
  • Bonfire Bash Activity
    We complete the selected amount of Bonefire Bash.
  • Bonfire Bash Challenge
    We complete the Weekly Pinnacle Challenge for the Bonfire Bash.
  • Daily Bounties
    We complete the 4 daily bounties for the Solstice.  
  • Weekly Bounties
    We complete the 2 Weekly Bounties for the Solstice.
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