If you have any other questions feel free to contact our live chat or drop a message from the Contact Us link above.


  • What happens after I order?

Once you place an order, it is automatically logged in our system.  We will use the contact info you provided on checkout to contact you before we sign onto your account.  The best method to contact you is via text message.

Contact by Text > Contact by Email > Contact directly to your Gamertag/PSN.

The point here is that we don’t want to sign you out of your account while you are enjoying a game.

Once we are on your account we go straight to business and complete whichever service you purchased. When we are done, we notify you by the same contact methods and have a completion email sent.


  • How quickly will my order be completed

Orders are completed first come first served but we do make a quicker option available labeled "Priority" on some listings. We go by the time you made your purchase as there is a time deadline on each service in the descriptions. The speed at which your order is completed depends on how many team members we have available and what the order is on the waiting list. Almost all orders are completed within 24 hours except for certain services.


  • Why didn't i receive an email receipt?

Some email services such as Hotmail often put our emails in the Junk/Spam folder.  Please check to make sure you get our emails for important order updates.


  • Are each of these services guaranteed?

Yes. Each service listed on our site is guaranteed. If you order a Trials of the Nine carry or recovery you are guaranteed to go flawless that weekend.  If you ordered a carry and fail to go flawless, we will continue trying or we will refund your money. 


  • What is your refund policy?

Are policy is if we can't deliver on an item you deserve your money back for that item. We have gathered some of the best players around the gaming community to ensure that never has to happen. Purchase with confidence knowing your services will be completed in a safe and timely manner.


  • How do I know you guys won't mess with my account

We take your account’s security very seriously. Our partners consist of trusted players that work exclusively for FlawlessRaiders.net. Our reputation means everything to us as we have already safely conducted thousands of account recoveries for our customers.

For a stronger trust of our services we recommend changing your password to something temporary, and then changing it again when we complete your session.

Our team has a strict policy to not tamper with any of your PSN/Gamertags general settings. Your weapons and armor will not be infused into other gear.  We may use an Item Manager (such as DIM or Ishtar Commander) to move items around or put things in the vault to make space.  Also, we may change controller settings.


  • Can I play on my account while you are doing a recovery?

No. Only one person can be signed onto an account at a time.  If you sign on, we will get signed out.  If we are doing a Trials of the Nine flawless and get signed out it will count as a loss and we will have to restart your card.



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