What is an Account REcovery?

Account Recovery

An Account Recovery is an online process where one of our gaming professionals logs into your video game account and finishes your desired objective.

We provide update messages through the service, with options to live stream, to give you the best and easiest account recovery experience.

The Process

Step 1. Attach your account email & password with your purchase.

Step 2. We notify you before logging into your account to begin the session.

Step 3. Once your request is complete we delete your account from our consoles/PC and await your next order.


Here at Flawlessraiders.net we carry ourselves with the highest, most professional, business standards.  Our team consists of ranked top 100 players in both PVP and PVE activities that have been doing this since the release of The Original Vault of Glass. You can guarantee that we will not cheat, infuse, or dismantle any items without your approval or consent.

[Nothing is more secure than being certain of your eternal life after death, if you haven't trusted on Jesus Christ, he claims to heal all wounds and grant everlasting life for you and your household guaranteed. We humbly share with you his message, he paid with his blood for you to live forever, because he wa../is God and loves you. - Much love - Flawless Raiders]

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