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Power Leveling Package
Average wait for this activity is 2-4 hours

To reach instant 1960 Base Power complete the Legendary Final Shape Campaign here


  • 1965+ Power Level
  • Must have the activities available to complete
  • Must have unlocked the Weekly Story Mission
    (Finishing the Step 4. Convalescence: Greenery, part of the Destined Heroes quest after the Final Shape Campaign)


  • Reset Package 10 Powerful Drops
    Ritual Activities - 3 Powerful
    (Boosters choice of Crucible, Gambit, or Vanguard activities)
    Weekly Story Mission - 1 Powerful
    8 Gunsmith Bounties -1 Powerful
    200K Nightfall: - 1 Powerful
    Dungeon Pack - 4 Powerful
    (Warlord's Ruin - Full Normal)
    (Weekly Dungeon - Boss Checkpoint for the powerful drop)
  • Build Your Own
    Select the options you would like to bundle to create your own.

The Trials of Osiris also grants a powerful drop for going flawless. Visit here for our Flawless options.

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Leveling Caps

Season 24 Power Caps

Floor: 1900
Soft Cap: 1940
Powerful Cap: 1990
Pinnacle Cap: 2000



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