Iron Banner

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Must be 1280+ Power Level
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Limited Time Event
Average wait time is 2 Hours



  • 1510+ Power Level 
  • Must have Iron Banner unlocked on the desired character


    • 3 Ranks - We acquire 60 Tokens
    • 5 Ranks - We acquire 100 Tokens
    • 10 Ranks - We acquire 200 Tokens
    • 20 Ranks - We acquire 400 Tokens
    • Pinnacle Bounties - Complete all Iron Banner Pinnacle bounties
    • Seasonal Quest - Completes all Iron-Banner For The War To Come quest steps

    Each rank is redeemable for 1x legendary Iron Banner engram which drops a random Iron Banner weapon or armor piece. We will not open these unless instructed.

    Bounties may be used to acquire tokens

    You can continue playing on your account we will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in

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