Iron Banner

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Iron Banner
Average wait for this service is 3 hours

Starting from the first day of the Iron Banner event, one Daily Challenge will be available each day for the first four days. These challenges accumulate, meaning if you haven’t completed any by day four, you can complete all four challenges on that day or later. Note that tackling multiple challenges may require several days of play sessions, depending on the availability and progress of the challenges.


      • Must be 1900+


      • Ranking
        We complete the selected amount of points from your current spot.
        For Full Rank Reset we will reach 10000 points from your current spot.
      • Daily Challenges
        We log in and complete the Daily Challenge for as many days as you select.
      • Iron Banner Bundle
        Includes 1 Full Rank Reset (10,000 Points) and the Daily Challenge.

      You can continue playing on your account we will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in

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