The Whisper Mission

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The Whisper Exotic Mission
Average wait for this service is 2-3 hours

The Into the Light DLC brings the return of The Whisper exotic mission in Destiny 2, making Whisper of the Worm craftable. This timed mission demands precision, with only 40 minutes for normal difficulty and 20 minutes for legend difficulty. Our seasoned boosters have mastered hundreds of exotic missions, guaranteeing a fast and successful outcome for you.
  • 1800 Light Level Minimum for Normal
  • 1815 Light Level Minimum for Legendary


  • Normal Completion
    We complete The Whisper mission normally granting the craftable Whisper of the Worm.
  • Solo Run
    We complete The Whisper mission on normal while solo.
  • Solo Flawless
    We will complete The Whisper on normal flawless while solo.
  • Under 13 Minutes Completion
    We will complete the normal version within 13 minutes for the Swift Whisper triumph.
  • Karve of the Worm ship
    We will complete the requirements and unlock the ship for you.
    (Currently takes 3-4 weeks minimum)

    You can only acquire 2 Oracles this week from the mission. The other 5 are time-gated and will be added soon. (The Oracles also award you with intrinsic perks for your Whisper of the Worm sniper rifle.)

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