Garden of Salvation Raid

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 Average wait for this activity is 8 Hours
Please allow us up to 24 hours to complete
This raid is no longer dropping Powerfuls / If you have hit the soft cap of 1200 all drops will be at your current power level
If you are needing the steps for Divinity click here


  • 1100+ Power Level
  • Must own the Shadowkeep DLC


  • Normal Raid Clear 
  • Normal Raid W/Challenge - We will complete the weekly challenge during the raid. Rewards 1 additional raid drop.
  • Flawless Raid Clear -  We will complete the raid without anyone in the team dying.
Feel free to continue gaming we will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in
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Raid Armor

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 Inherent Truth - Emblem
Garden of Salvation Raid
In-Game Menu
Garden of Salvation Raid


Garden of Salvation Raid Reckless Oracle
Auto Rifle - Energy 
Garden of Salvation Raid Sacred Provenance
Pulse Rifle - Kinetic
Garden of Salvation Raid Ancient Gospel
Hand Cannon - Energy
Garden of Salvation Raid  Accrued Redemption
Combat Bow - Kinetic
Garden of Salvation Raid Prophet of Doom
Shotgun - Energy
Garden of Salvation Raid Zealot's Reward
Fusion Rifle - Energy
Garden of Salvation Raid Omniscient Eye
Sniper Rifle - Energy



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