Flawless Gilded Triumphs

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Gilded Triumphs
Average wait for this activity will vary 4-24 hours
For All Roads to Victory triumph visit here
  • 1800+ Power Level
  • Must own current DLC

  • Lighthouse Warrior: Defeat 180 Guardians in Trials matches.
    We complete all 180 kills in Trials.

  • Light for the Lost: Carry guardians to their first flawless ticket (of the season) while the “Light For The Lost” emblem is equipped.
    Each purchase is for 1x Flawless carry toward the triumph, for multiple runs please add multiple to cart.
    This service may take multiple days as we will need to find accounts that have not been flawless this current season.

  • Flawless Empyrean: Win 7 matches while the “Flawless Empyrean” emblem is equipped and the player is holding a seven-win ticket. 
    We complete a (1x) Flawless card and the 7 needed wins with the emblem equipped for the triumph.

  • Guardian, I have a gift for you: Earn Trials rewards from Saint-14
    (This is completed along with other Trials activities collecting trials tokens and earning rewards.)

  • Exotic Passage: Complete a Flawless Passage with this season’s Exotic Bow or Scout Rifle equipped. 
    We complete a flawless card with the needed weapon equipped for the triumph.

    You can continue playing on your account we will message 15 minutes before logging in 

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