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We leave the loot for you to claim unless selected.
Must choose All 3 Characters above to add All 3 Character options.
Add wins after your initial Flawless run.
Farm Trials Engrams, Masterwork Materials and Adept Weapons.
Select the amount of wins after Flawless.
Wins will be completed on a Flawless Passage of Mercy.
We cannot guarantee we will remain flawless on all additional wins but trust we have the best guys on it.
What should we do if we lose during your additional wins?

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Flawless Trials of Osiris 
Average wait for this activity today is 3 Hours
Monday orders after 9PM EST must include Priority Fee
For Confidence is High and other Triumphs only visit here


  • Choose Powerlevel
  • Must have Trials unlocked


  • Single Character 
  • All 3 Characters 
    When choosing a 3 Character Package please select the power level of the lowest character.
  • Priority Fee: 1-2 Hour wait time

  • Passage of Wealth / 7 Wins
    We complete 7 wins on a Passage of Wealth.
    This does not guarantee a flawless Passage of Wealth.

  • Passage of Wealth / Flawless
    We complete a Passage of Wealth without losing.
  • Passage of Confidence 
    We complete a Passage of Confidence for the additional lighthouse rewards.
    Rewards another Weekly Adept Weapon.
    For Confidence is High only visit here
  • Additional Wins
    You can now continue winning on a completed Trials Passage for additional Trials Engrams and reputation. Grants Masterwork Materials, Trials Engrams, and a chance at the Weekly Adept Weapon each win we remain flawless.
    We cannot guarantee we will remain flawless on all additional wins but trust we're putting the best guys on.
  • For Flawless Triumphs or other Passages visit here
  • For our Carry option to play with the Team here

You can continue playing on your account we will message 10-15 minutes before logging in 

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Season 15 Trials of Osiris




 The Messenger / Pulse 
 Igneous Hammer / Hand Cannon
 Sola's Scar / Sword
Flawless The Scholar / Scout
Flawless Astral Horizon / Shotgun
Flawless Eye of Sol / Sniper

Flawless The Summoner / Auto
Flawless Exile's Curse / Fusion
Flawless Tomorrow's Answer / Rocket Launcher


 About Our Service



  • Trials are Friday through Tuesday's reset
  • We complete the Flawless and leave the rewards for you to claim
  • Teams consist of World ranked players, separate teams for each platform
  • We work around you, include your gaming hours we can schedule on your off time 
  • Results at the bottom of this page     




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