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Belisarius-D | Pulse Rifle
Competitive Playlist Reward

You can complete the Weekly Challenge once per week/per character for a Belisarius-D reward
  • The Belisarius-D is a PULSE RIFLE that deals STRAND damage.
  • You can complete the DIVIDING THE LADDER QUEST one time on one character to unlock the Weekly Challenge.
  • After completing the DIVIDING THE LADDER QUEST you can do a WEEKLY CHALLENGE on each character each reset for a Belisarius-D reward.
  • 1600+ Power Level
  • Must have completed the Placement Quest
Complete the Dividing The Ladder Quest one time on one character to get a Mercurial Overreach, and after completing the quest you can do weekly challenges on each character each reset for up to 3 Belisarius-D weekly.
  • Dividing the Ladder
    We complete the placement matches selected.
  • Weekly Challenge
    We will complete the Weekly Challenge for the Competitive Division which will acquire the Belisarius-D pulse rifle.
  • Weekly Challenge all 3x Characters

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