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Competitive Ranked Playlist
Average wait for this activity is 2-4 hours

  • You must have the Dividing the Ladder Quest


  • Placement Matches
  • Weekly Challenge
  • Ranking
    We complete the amount of Ranks and Subdivisions selected.
    Select the amount of Ranks and Subdivisions total you would like us to complete.

We complete the exact amount chosen
Example: Choosing 1 Rank from Silver II leaves you at Gold II

Click "How Ranking Works" to understand how many Ranks, Subdivisions, to choose

You can continue to play on your account we will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in 

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How Ranking Works

 Since Season 19 there has been an ELO-based matchmaking ranking system that lets you level up as you win games. You will have to play a couple of placement games to get a rank in the first place. There are six ranks in total, each with three sub-divisions.

  • Untested - Players who are unranked and are still going through their placement games.
  • Copper (Tier III - I)
  • Bronze (Tier III - I)
  • Silver (Tier III - I)
  • Gold (Tier III - I)
  • Platinum (Tier III - I)
  • Adept (Tier III - I)
  • Ascendant (Tier III - I)
The higher rank you have, the harder it gets to step up a level on the ladder. If you win a game, you progress through your rank. If you lose, you lose the points. A lower rank means easier promotion, while a higher rank means easier demotion. You will also have to play a few games every week to keep your competitive rank if you are Gold Tier III or above.
You can continue playing PVP when we are not working on your account, but please remain off the competitive playlist to avoid point loss. If you have any questions at all contact us by phone call, text, or email.
We will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in 
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