Conqueror Gilded Triumphs

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Conqueror Seal Gilded Triumphs
Average wait for this activity is 4 hours
For normal Conqueror Seal Triumphs
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  • 1595+ Power Level
  • Must own Witch Queen and Season of the Risen

We will log in each Weekly Reset to complete the available Grandmaster Nightfall.

  • All 6 Grandmasters
  • Grandmaster: The Glassway
  • Grandmaster: The Lightblade
  • Grandmaster: The Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
  • Grandmaster: The Disgraced
  • Grandmaster: Exodus Crash
  • Grandmaster: The Devils' Lair

For "All 6 Grandmasters" we complete each Grandmaster this season when they come available, please allow until the evening of each weekly reset to complete.

You can continue playing on your account we will message 15 minutes before logging in 

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