Festival of The Lost 2023

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Festival of The Lost 2023
This is a limited time event
Average wait to start is 12-72 hours

  • 1750+ Power Level


  • Haunted Lost Sectors
    We completed the selected amount of Haunted Lost Sectors.
  • Legend Haunted Lost Sectors
    We completed the selected amount of Legend Haunted Lost Sectors.
  • Weapon Farming
    We acquire the selected amount of Event Weapons.
    We cannot guarantee a specific weapon, only the amount of drops.

  • Daily Bounties
    We complete the 4 Daily Bounties from Eva Levante.
  • Weekly Bounties
    We complete the 2 Weekly Bounties from Eva Levante.
  • Classic Carving
    We complete the Classic Carving Quest.
  • Sophisticated Sculpting
    We complete the Sophisticated Sculpting Quest.
  • Twilight Triumph
    We complete the Twilight Triumph only.
    To complete this triumph you will need to have Hocus Focusing triumph, Heads Will Roll, and Cryptozoologist completed or added above.

You can continue playing on your account we will message 15-20 minutes before logging in

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