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Flawless Trials of Osiris 
Average wait for this activity is 2-12 Hours
Monday orders after 6PM EST must include Priority Fee to be guaranteed before reset
For complete Flawless Triumphs visit here


Choose your base power level without artifact

  • 1770+ Base Power level
    A small fee is added for extremely low accounts
  • Must have Trials unlocked


  • Flawless
    We take your desired character flawless in the Trials of Osiris tournament.
    Guarantees 1 Weekly Adept Weapon.
  • Priority Fee: 3-4 Hour wait time
  • Additional Wins
    We can now farm wins on a completed 7-0 Passage for additional materials, Trials Engrams, reputation, and Adepts. 
    Adepts drop randomly on wins with a 7-0 passage.
  • Passage of Wealth / 7 Wins
    We complete 7 wins on a Passage of Wealth.
    This does not guarantee a flawless Passage of Wealth.

  • Passage of Wealth / Flawless
    We complete a Passage of Wealth without losing.
  • Passage of Confidence 
    We complete a Passage of Confidence.
    Rewards another guaranteed Weekly Adept Weapon.
  • Flawless Farming
    We complete wins on a 7-0 passage.
    You must have the 7-0 passage or select it above.
  • Adept Farming
    We guarantee the amount of Adept Weapons selected.
    Must have a 7-0 Mercy card with Mercy still available or select it above.
  • Full Armor Set
    We acquire the complete Trials of Osiris armor set for the selected characters.

For Flawless Triumphs & other Passages visit here
For our CARRY option to play with the team here

You can continue playing on your account we will message 10-15 minutes before logging in 

Leave your login at checkout 

Season 22 Trials Armor


 About Our Service



  • Trials are Friday through Tuesday's reset.
  • We complete the Flawless and leave the rewards for you to claim.
  • Teams consist of World ranked players, separate teams for each platform.
  • We work around you, include your gaming hours we can schedule on your off time.
  • See our client reviews at the bottom of this page.




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