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We leave the loot for you to claim unless selected.
Must choose All 3 Characters above to add All 3 Character options.
Add wins after your initial Flawless run.
Farm Trials Engrams, Masterwork Materials and Adept Weapons.
Select the amount of wins after Flawless.
Wins will be completed on a Flawless Passage of Mercy.
We cannot guarantee we will remain flawless on all additional wins but trust we have the best guys on it.
Please choose 1 or more options
What should we do if we lose during your additional wins?

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Flawless Trials of Osiris 
Average wait for this activity today is 3 Hours
Monday orders after 9PM EST must include Priority Fee
For Confidence is High and other Triumphs only visit here


  • Choose Base Power Level / without artifact
  • Must have Trials unlocked


  • Single Character 
  • All 3 Characters 
    When choosing a 3 Character Package please select the power level of the lowest character.
  • Priority Fee: 1-2 Hour wait time

  • Passage of Wealth / 7 Wins
    We complete 7 wins on a Passage of Wealth.
    This does not guarantee a flawless Passage of Wealth.

  • Passage of Wealth / Flawless
    We complete a Passage of Wealth without losing.
  • Passage of Confidence 
    We complete a Passage of Confidence for the additional lighthouse rewards.
    Rewards another Weekly Adept Weapon.
    For Confidence is High only visit here
  • Additional Wins
    You can now continue winning on a completed Trials Passage for additional Trials Engrams and reputation. Grants Masterwork Materials, Trials Engrams, and a chance at the Weekly Adept Weapon each win we remain flawless.
    We cannot guarantee we will remain flawless on all additional wins but trust we're putting the best guys on.
  • For Flawless Triumphs or other Passages visit here
  • For our Carry option to play with the Team here

You can continue playing on your account we will message 10-15 minutes before logging in 

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Season 15 Trials of Osiris




 The Messenger / Pulse 
 Igneous Hammer / Hand Cannon
 Sola's Scar / Sword
Flawless The Scholar / Scout
Flawless Astral Horizon / Shotgun
Flawless Eye of Sol / Sniper

Flawless The Summoner / Auto
Flawless Exile's Curse / Fusion
Flawless Tomorrow's Answer / Rocket Launcher


 About Our Service



  • Trials are Friday through Tuesday's reset
  • We complete the Flawless and leave the rewards for you to claim
  • Teams consist of World ranked players, separate teams for each platform
  • We work around you, include your gaming hours we can schedule on your off time 
  • Results at the bottom of this page     




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