Garden of Salvation Carry

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Please book 12-24 hours ahead of desired time

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  • Must own DLC 
  • Must be 1100+ 
  • Must book 12 - 24 Hours from desired start time

All orders are guaranteed completions. We will carry you to victory even if you can't seem to stay alive. Enjoy some fun in with the team, learn the strats, and treat yourself to more than just armor!

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    Garden of Salvation Carry Reckless Oracle
    Auto Rifle - Energy 
    Garden of Salvation Carry Sacred Provenance
    Pulse Rifle - Kinetic
    Garden of Salvation Carry Ancient Gospel
    Hand Cannon - Energy
    Garden of Salvation Carry  Accrued Redemption
    Combat Bow - Kinetic
    Garden of Salvation Carry Prophet of Doom
    Shotgun - Energy
    Garden of Salvation Carry Zealot's Reward
    Fusion Rifle - Energy
    Garden of Salvation Carry Omniscient Eye
    Sniper Rifle - Energy
    Garden of Salvation Carry Inherent Truth



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