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Guardian Games 2024
Average wait for this activity is 1-2 hours
Limited Time Event

You must complete the "So The Game Begins" intro quest or add it above
  • 1600+ Power Level
  • Must have the bounties available to complete
  • Daily Bounties
    We complete your 4 daily bounties.
  • Weekly Bounties
    We complete the selected weekly bounties.
  • Medals
    Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum
    We will complete the selected amount of medals.
  • Weapon Farming:
    Scout / SMG
    We acquire the selected amount of the weapon of choice.
  • Heir Apparent Exotic:
    Top of Class Quest
    Select the steps needed or full completion.
  • Heir Apparent Catalyst:
    Select the steps needed or full completion.


Heavy Slug Thrower
Use to spin up. This weapon can be fired only when fully spun up
Armor of the Colossus
While at full health, spinning up this weapon protects you with an Arc Shield

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