Harbinger Seal

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Must have access to the Pit of Heresy
We acquire and FEED the Lunar Rabbits on the character with most progress.
Select the desired amount of Ghost Traces
Eris Morn offers a "memory" quest once per week.
Bane of Tyrants ship is a random drop from the Pit of Heresy final boss.
Wandering Nightmares are on weekly rotation with 1 available each week.
There are 3 Nightmare Hunts per week on a random weekly rotation.
This may take several weeks to complete depending on the Hunts selected.

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Harbinger Seal Triumphs
Average wait for this service is 4 hours

  • 1060+ Power Level
  • Must own Shadowkeep DLC and Annual Pass
  • Nightmare Hunt Time Trial Complete all Nightmare Hunt time-trial Triumphs.
    There are 3 Nightmare Hunts per week on rotation. Select the Nightmare Hunts for us to complete, we will log in each reset when they are available. Completing all 8 rewards A Sibyl's Dream Emblem.
  • Flawless Master Nightmare Hunt Complete any Nightmare Hunt on Master difficulty without dying.
    We will complete any Master Nightmare Hunt or leave the desired Hunt in notes.
  • Eternal Heretic Complete Pit of Heresy without dying.
    We complete the Pit of Heresy flawless.
  • Usurper Complete the Pit of Hersey solo.
    We complete the Pit of Heresy solo flawless.
  • Crimson Echoes- Solo Flawless 
    We complete the Pit of Heresy solo without dying.
  • Ghost Traces Locate 9 dead Ghosts.
    We will find the amount of selected Ghosts.
  • Lost No More Locate the last of the dead Ghosts.
    We login to acquire the final Ghost, must have found the previous 9 or add it to cart. This is not a full Pit of Heresy completion.
  • Let Them Eat Rice Cakes Find and feed all the rabbits on the Moon.
    Only 1 rice cake can be earned per character per week, with 9 needed to complete.
    We log in each reset to FEED the Lunar Rabbits selected.
  • Luna's Calling Memory Quest Complete 5 quest on the same character for the Moonrider One Sparrow.
    We will login each week to complete the selected amount of quests.
  • Altar of Sorrow: Sorrow's Bane At Tier V, clear all five phases in a row without a single sacrifice and then defeat the boss.
    We will login to complete the Altar of Sorrows V without any sacrifices for the triumph.
  • Wandering Nightmares Find and defeat powerful Nightmares unleashed to wander the Moon.
  • Bane of Tyrants Acquire the Bane of Tyrants ship.
    This is a random drop from the final chest of Pit of Heresy.
    Guaranteed: We login and complete Boss Checkpoints each week until it drops.
    Single Checkpoint: We login to complete a boss checkpoint.

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  • A Sibyl's Dream Emblem
    Complete all 8 Nightmare Hunt Time-Trials
  • Lunar Halcyon Gilt Shader
    Complete a Master Nightmare Hunt Flawless
    Lunar Halcyon Gilt

  • The Third Tide Ship
    Clear Tier V Altar of Sorrow without any sacrifices and defeat the boss.
    The Third Tide



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