Last Wish Raid

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Average wait for this activity is 4-8 hours
Please allow us up to 48 hour to complete
To guarantee the exotic One Thousand Voices visit here


  • 1600+ Power Level
  • Must own the Forsaken DLC


  • Normal Clear
    2 hidden chests are included 
  • Normal Clear W/Challenge
    We will complete the weekly challenge for an extra raid drop
  • All Weekly Challenges
    Only available when Last Wish is the featured raid.
  • Red Border Farming
    Only available when Last Wish is the featured raid.
    We will use Kalli Boss Checkpoints (1st Encounter) for this farm.
    All the armor and weapons can drop from the first encounter.
    The drops are random but we guarantee the amount you select.
  • Petra's Run: We will complete the Last Wish raid without dying for the triumph. (We do not complete the challenge on a Petra's Run)

You can continue playing on your account we will notify you 15 minutes before logging in

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  • Random Weapon & Armor drops from each of the 5 encounters.
  • 2 Secret chest locations that are known will also be acquired

Wish No More - Emblem
Last Wish Raid
In-Game Menu
Last Wish Raid


Last Wish Raid One Thousand Voices 
Exotic / Power / Fusion Rifle

Last Wish Raid Chattering Bone
Legendary / Kinetic / Pulse Rifle
Last Wish Raid Transfiguration
Legendary / Kinetic / Scout Rifle
Last Wish Raid The Supremacy
Legendary / Kinetic / Sniper Rifle
Last Wish Raid Age-Old Bond
Legendary / Energy / Auto Rifle
Last Wish Raid Tyranny of Heaven
Legendary / Energy / Combat Bow
Last Wish Raid Techeun Force
Legendary / Energy / Fusion Rifle

Last Wish Raid Nation of Beasts
Legendary / Energy / Hand Cannon

Last Wish Raid Apex Predator
Legendary / Power / Rocket Launcher

Last Wish Raid Dreaming Spectrum
Legendary / Shader

Last Wish Raid Ermine TAC-717

Legendary / Ship / Ship

Last Wish Raid Cleansing Knife

Legendary / Sparrow / Vehicle

Last Wish Raid Wish-Maker Shell

Legendary / Ghost Shell / Ghost Shell



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