Last Wish Raid (CARRY)

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 Join the fireteam and show us what you got. We'll teach you the ropes and even if you dont execute correctly we'll still carry you to victory


  • Must have completed the Forsaken campaign
  • 1100+ Power Level required
  • Must have a working mic
  • Please place order at least 2 hours before desired time


Sessions will be scheduled according to the available time you choose. You will join a party chat with us and see first hand how we play. We'll discuss the most effective tactics and strategies to date and no matter what happens we will always prevail, this is a guaranteed carry. Quick easy and on average 1 HR 30 Minutes





  • Random Weapon & Armor drops from each of the 5 encounters.
  • 2 Secret chest locations that are known will also be acquired
  • 1st Encounters will drop a Seed of Light to unlock your next subclass.


Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Wish No More

Legendary / Emblem / Emblem 

Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Dreaming Spectrum

Legendary / Shader
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Ermine TAC-717
Legendary / Ship / Ship
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Cleansing Knife
Legendary / Sparrow / Vehicle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Wish-Maker Shell
Legendary / Ghost Shell / Ghost Shell
Exotic / Power / Fusion Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Chattering Bone
Legendary / Kinetic / Pulse Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Transfiguration
Legendary / Kinetic / Scout Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) The Supremacy
Legendary / Kinetic / Sniper Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Age-Old Bond
Legendary / Energy / Auto Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Tyranny of Heaven
Legendary / Energy / Combat Bow
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Techeun Force
Legendary / Energy / Fusion Rifle
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Nation of Beasts
Legendary / Energy / Hand Cannon
Last Wish Raid (CARRY) Apex Predator
Legendary / Power / Rocket Launcher
Last Wish Raid (CARRY)



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