Lost Sector Armor Exotics

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 Guaranteed Lost Sector Exotics
Average wait for this service is 2-3 Hours
We farm the legend lost sectors (solo) until the exotic drops
This may take several days to complete depending on the rotation.

Exotic Lost sectors are on daily rotation with the difficulty Legend (1800) and Master (1830) each time.

Please allow up to 72 hours to complete if in case your account is significantly under-leveled we will complete on the appropriate day


  • 1805+ Power Level for Normal
  • 1815+ Power Level for Master 
  • Must own Current Season


Select if it's your first time acquiring the exotic or if you've already unlocked it and farming for another

  •   Arbor Warden Titan / Chest
    Using your class ability channels defensive Light inward, providing a grenade that creates a barricade on impact.
  •   Triton Vice Hunter / Arms
    Increases Glaive reload speed and melee damage when surrounded. Glaive melee final blows overflow a round to the magazine. Glaive projectile final blows detonate if the Glaive deals damage matching your subclass type.
  •    Cenotaph Mask Warlock / Helmet
    Steadily reloads a portion of your equipped Trace Rifles's magazine from reserves. Damaging a vehicle, boss, or champion with a trace rifle marks them as the target. When an ally defeats the marked target, generate special ammo for yourself and heavy ammo for your allies.
  • New Exotic
    If it's your first time acquiring the desired exotic.
    We grind until it drops.

  • Farming For Another
    If you've already unlocked the armor in collections and farming for another.
    All exotic armor of that type will be added to the loot pool again, dropping randomly. 
    Select the amount of these exotic drops to acquire / or select the Guarantee Another option to farm until the desired exotic drops again.

You can continue playing on your account we will notify you 15-20 minutes before logging in

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