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Necrochasm Exotic / Auto Rifle
This may take several weeks to complete
Average wait to start is 12-72 hours

Necrochasm requires 20 Essence of the Oversoul, & 15 to complete the catalyst, dropping randomly from raid encounters and completing raid-related triumphs
  • 1790+ Power Level


  • Full Completion
    We acquire and complete the Bottomless Pit quest for the Necrochasm.
  • Essence of the Oversoul
    We acquire the selected amount of Essence of the Oversoul.
  • Unlock Catalyst
    We complete the Crota's End raid time trials to unlock the catalyst.
    Must have the Necrochasm.
  • Complete Catalyst
    We acquire 15 essence of the oversoul to complete the catalyst.
    Must have the Necrochasm.
  • Full Completion + Catalyst Bundle
    We complete the Necrochasm quest, acquire the catalyst, and complete it.
    Acquire and masterwork the Necrochasm

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