PVP Stats Boosting (4HR Session)

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PVP Stats Boosting
Average wait for this activity is 3 Hours


  • Destinytracker.com will be the site we use for keeping stats
  • 4 Hour sessions per purchase
  • If we are going for a specific KD you must stay away from crucible activities until our goal is reached.
  • This service has No refunds once the session has been completed as we cannot guarantee the exact outcomes of each match.


If you are looking for overall KD stats we recommend purchasing the quickplay or competitive options. Trials matches at times are a lot tougher, even though we may win every match we wont be able to pullout the 12.0 KDs per match as easy as we could in regular crucible playlists. 

For any question regarding this service please message us through email, text, or on Messenger below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.


You can continue playing on your account we will notify you 15 minutes before logging in

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