Salvation's Edge Raid

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Salvation's Edge Raid
Average wait for this service is 2-24 hours


  • 1960+ Power Level
  • Must have completed The Final Shape Campaign
  • Must have The Final Shape DLC


  • Normal
    We complete the full raid and acquire the 2 Hidden Chests.
    Grants 10 Spoils of Conquest per full run (5 from each chest)
    2 Hidden Chest = Included
    Use My Spoils
    : Select the desired item to receive at the end of the raid, the first raid will allow you to purchase a "RED" Deepsight Resonance Weapon. You must have first discovered that item. If this is your first run select any of the items you may want double drops of and we will repurchase it if it drops during the raid.
    Final Boss Secret Chest: also grants one random "RED" Deepsight Resonance weapon.
  • All 3 Characters
    We will complete the full raid on all 3 characters 
    Includes the 2 Hidden Chests on each character
    Please allow up to 24-48 hours for all 3 character completions
You can continue playing on your account, we will notify you 10-15 minutes before logging in

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