The Mountaintop

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The Mountaintop Guaranteed Onslaught Farming
Average wait for this service is 2-24 hours

This weapon is a random drop from the Onslaught activity, we grind until it drops.

The Limited-Edition version is the shiny gold version in the image above. We do not guarantee this version unless selected.

Unlock The Mountaintop with a new trait pool! Returning in the Into The Light Onslaught activity dropping randomly but with the ability to attune to increase the chances. 
  • 1800+ Power Level
  • Must have unlocked attunement or select it above


This farming option does not guarantee a 50 wave completion of Onslaught.

  • Normal Farm
    We grind the Onslaught for the amount of drops selected.
  • Limited-Edition Farm
    We grind the Onslaught for the amount of Limited-Edition drops selected.
    These are the Brave weapons that shine and come with extra perks for a bigger chance at a god roll.
  • God Roll Farm
    You pick 2 perks for us to guarantee. We will grind until your combination drops. Leave your 2 perks above that you would like us to guarantee, or note if the booster should help you pick.

If you're looking to complete weapon quests to be able to attune them visit our Onslaught Weapon Quests

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