Unbroken Seal

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Unbroken Seal Triumphs
Average wait for these activities is 3-4 Hours
  • 1250+ Power Level
  • Must own current Season
  • Forever Valorous
    We will earn 10 Valor ranks across all seasons.
  • Legendary Valor
    We will achieve 5 Valor ranks of Legend across all seasons.
  • Prestigious
    We will reset your rank 3 times across all seasons.
  • Right back at it again
    We will reset your Valor rank 5 times within the current season.
  • Unbroken Valor
    We will earn the maximum Valor Win Streak bonus in the current season.
  • Fight for Glory
    We will earn 5 Glory ranks across all seasons.
  • Fabled Warrior
    We will earn 3 weapon rewards from the "Fabled" Glory rank in multiple seasons. 
  • Become Legend
    We will achieve Glory rank "Legend" for your first Legend reset.
  • A Glorious Legend
    We will achieve 3 Glory ranks of “Legend” in multiple seasons.
  • Unstoppable Glory
    We will win consecutive matches in any season.

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