Vault of Glass (CARRY)

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Vault of Glass Raid
We ask that you order 12-24 hours before your desired time
This is a guaranteed completion, we will carry you to victory no matter the circumstance

  • 1300+ Power Level 
  • Must own Beyond Light
  • For Boss Checkpoint you must have the checkpoint

Leave your desired platform at checkout
We will contact you shortly after purchase to schedule your session


Spoils of Conquest

Receive 20 Per Full Raid                       

Spoils of Conquest are used to purchase old exotics from the tower kiosk or raid armor and weapons at the end of each raid.

Use My Spoils: You can choose to spend these at the end of the raid to purchase any raid reward you have discovered previously. If you have never acquired the desired item you can leave it selected in case it drops.



All items are random drops and are not guaranteed



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